The Institute of Master, Post-Graduate and Doctor Degree Study (IMPDDS) of Vinnytsia National Technical University (VNTU) was created in 1996 as Department for coordinating Masters training in all departments for the project program TEMPUS – TACIS (Sweden, Denmark, Ukraine). In 1997 it was enlarged by Post-Graduate and Doctor Degree courses and later by Specialized Scientific Councils. IMPDDS introduces the methodology and technology for continuous training scholars beginning with undergraduate students on Masters and Post Graduate Courses with further defense of Doctor Degree theses.

In 1976 VNTU started Post Graduate training and in 1988 – courses for Doctor Degree. The first Specialized Scientific Council was opened in 1978. Today VNTU runs 6 Specialized Scientific Councils on 10 specialities, and 23 specialities for Post Graduate training. From the date the VNTU was awarded the status of the University in April 20, 1994, the Specialized Scientific Councils examined 61 Doctors of Sciences and 473 holders of PhD degree. The efficiency of Post Graduate training traditionally makes up 40-64%, the average efficiency within 2004-20154 amounts to 46%, 80% of which are the graduates from Masters courses run by IMPDDS in VNTU.